Monday, June 17, 2013


Sálángî támu pû!*
Tuloy po kayo!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog!

I dedicate this blog in the name of antiquities and everything. Personally I am fond of old things and knick-knacks! I love to see and collect antiques like old books, sacred images and pictures, likewise. Sometimes I regret-up-to-death to lost some of my collections. But I hope and pray that God hath placed them in good hands, wherever they maybe. (giggles)

By the way, in the following days I will be posting some of my antiques here so you may see them. If you'll be interested to buy them, just let me know. (but it's hard to give them away for they have been in my custody for years, hehehe!)

Also, I will feature here some old photos from our fellow bloggers and FB friends so you may have your daily dose of the heyday of the yesteryears -- where everything is fine, classic and beautiful.

[*This term literally means, "May you be lightened up" and is in a polite speech.] 

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