Monday, June 17, 2013

How it all started?

How did I start to collect antiques?

I was then a boy. Our home is still made of pinaud roofs and a room, with lauanit walls and flooring made from bamboo. We used to have a small and large bangguera where we put some bulky materials, unlike the usual where it used to display eating utensils. Half of the old bale kubu is a concrete bungalow, here we receive guests, eat together, and sometimes sleep together as one family. This cradle molded my childhood.

I can vividly remember when I saw my grandma's old photos. I was then browsing secretly her aparador when I encountered a bunch of oldies. I found her wedding picture with the ingkung Bencio. I was fascinated of the beauty of her, obviously showed in her old picture. And there were more pictures, some I do not recognize who are in the pictures. That's was when I was a kid. I returned them in their places, hoping some day I could beg them to my apung indu.

And after I finished my high school, I begged these photos to her, and she faithfully entrusted them to me.

My grandpa in the 60's when he went abroad in Saudi Arabia.

With her niece in the year 50's.

ALÂNG ÁNGGÂNG LUGUD. My grandpa, Jovencio Macasias y de Jesus, and my grandma, Luz Labitag y Garcia de Macasias, in their wedding pose in the 21st of May, 1958, a day before the feast of Saint Rita. It was Rev. Fr. Ireneo Gangcuanco who solemnized the Wedding at the century-old Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish in Santa Rita, Pampanga.

DALÁGÂNG KAPAMPÁNGAN. My grandma in the year  1970.

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