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Renacimiento 101: "Beato Vicente Soler"

Here is the very first old photo I coloured by the online app "". I got this photo of Blessed Vicente Soler, OAR from the OAR Heritage and History blog. Seeing sepia photo is truly such a nostalgia, but bringing them back to life is even a more exciting part. So I share to you this photo, hoping you like and love it. :D

Original photo

My coloured rendition

On the subject's history

At the outset of the Spanish Civil War in July of 1936, Father Vicente Soler, a poet and a friar of the Augustinian Recollects' monastery in Motril, Spain, told the nuns of the Recollects' convent in the same city, 
"Some of us will die and be martyrs, but after Good Friday comes the Resurrection." 
On July 25, five of Father Soler's fellow friars were executed, and a sixth was gunned down the next day. Father Soler evaded capture until he was betrayed to the authorities and arrested on July 29. Over the seventeen days that followed, he used his time in prison to pray with the other prisoners, leading them in a Marian novena, and hearing their confessions. He also won the conversion of an anti-religious Socialist. When at length prisoners were being singled out for execution, Father Soler offered to die in place of a father of eight children, but the exchange was refused, because Father Soler's name was already on the list of those condemned to death. On August 15, 1936, the solemnity of the Assumption, Father Soler was able to bless and absolve a number of others executed with him before his own execution (from the

Fr Vicente Soler hid in the home of two young women until 29 July, but was betrayed and captured. He led prayers for his fellow prisoners, encouraged them, heard their confessions and converted the socialist Juan Antúnez. He was shot at dawn on 15 August with another 28 (from the

Renacimiento 101

Hola amigos! 

Due to boredom, I fondly coloured some sepia and black-&-white photos I have in my FB album. Using the Picmonkey App online, I revived some of them and posted in my timeline. Seeing the good feedback from them, I want you now to see them here in my antiquarian blog. I hope you watch out for the next photos came back into life. 

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