Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Item 101: "Colección de Cánticos Sagrados”

One of the antique collections in my list is the 2nd Volume of the "Colección de Cánticos Sagrados” [Collection of Sacred Hymns], compiled and composed by Reverend Father Fray Domingo Carceller, O.R.S.A.* in the year 1952. It is a compilation of his exquisite musical opus, most of which are hymns sung in the Holy Mass. One of them is the Himno Oficial del 33ra Congreso Eucarístico Internacional [Official Hymn of the 33rd International Eucharistic Congress] held in 1937 at the city of Manila.

There he also composed: several Latin and Spanish Hymns, five Mass Settings including his very own Missa Requiem, six (6) versions of Sálve Regina, two (2) versions of Rosario Cantado [Rosarium cum Cantu], two (2) Villancícos, five (5) Letanía Lauretana, five (5) Joseph, Fili David, and some hymns to Saints Augustine of Hippo, Rita of Cascia, Anthony of Padua, and songs to the Our Lady of Consolation, Immaculate Conception, five (5) Himnos a la Virgen del Carmen, three Ave Maria, his Despedida a la Virgen del Carmen and other more hymns and chants.

Fray Carceller dedicated this compilation to his Prior General, Fray Eugenio Ayape de San Agustín. Its Nihil Obstats are Frailes Constancio Peña [who gave the “Proemio” or Foreword] and Daniel Ayúcar, O.R.S.A., the Imprimi Potest Fray Simeon Asensio de San Gregorio Ostiense, O.R.S.A., and the Imprimatur el Vicario General, Monseñor José Jovellanos, H.P. in the 9th of April, 1952.  

The book was printed in offset by Joaquin Clavano and binded by Siongco’s Binding Shop.

The first custodians of this book are the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena (Philippines), in their first Generalate House at the Santa Catalína College (Calle Legarda, Sampaloc, Manila). It was discarded in the mid-2013 and I saw it included in the junks, so I saved it and kept it in my custody.

The Cover Page features one of the stain glasses of San Sebastian Church.
A glimpse of what's inside the book.
One of the Rosario Cantados
The book resting in an old 19th century piano

*this is the proto-title of the Augustinian Recollects (Ordinis Recolletorum Sancti Augustini), which is changed to “O.A.R.” (Ordinis Augustinianorum Recolletorum).


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